Weekend 28.06-01.07.18, Let’s go fishing!

Summer is in town and our weekend has started.

Jesus told us to be fishers of men. If you never go out to fish, this is will be impossible! You can’t become a fisher (of men) just by reading about it, without ever have fished! We are called to go out, to meet the people were they are; not to let the people come to us!

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16 NASB.

Go; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.”
Luke 10:3 NASB

Everywhere I come I try to start a conversation with people leading up to sharing my faith with them! I tell people that “Christianity is no philosophy!”, not just believing in dogma’s; it’s real! “Do you have pain? I want to pray for it and you can feel yourself how real my God !s!

Some conversations we (my wife and I) had during these 4-days:

On Thursday I spoke with these two young girls about Jesus while my wife was checking some second hand books from the library. They had no pain but listened very carefully to what I told them. I pray that they will watch the TLR movie and that they will search the real Jesus and find Him!
Friday we arrived in Hämeenlinnna and my wife went quickly to do some groceries while I was approaching people. What a wonderful conversation I had with this couple! While my wife went in a little shop I was standing outside the shop praying to God to send me some open people. When I saw this couple coming down with the elevator I said to God: “If they come my way, I’ll talk to them”. They came my way so I started a conversation. They had no pain but the guy was open to what I had to tell him and listened attentive! He said to feel “really happy” after our 10-minute conversation. We pray that he will check the movie and that they will find God!

Sunday I met some guys who just came from a big Lutheran church. They said they believed also in Jesus but when I asked them how they were baptised I understood it was not with full emersion so I told them why I believe it should be with full emersion and gave them my contact card. They were happy but one said that it doesn’t matter so much because we are all brothers. I didn’t want to start a word fight but said that I think it is quiet important. I trust that God will lead them to the truth if they are sincere searching for God! We hugged each other and said goodbye (they were on their way!). Now that I’m home I think I should have tried to tell them more about why I think it is really important. We can’t just do it how “we” want to do it. We all need to follow Christ’ example and be baptised on our own faith by full emersion.

This young man had a little pain in his back. I said that I wanted to check if his feet were the same lenght before I would pray for him. I didn’t saw much difference and he wanted to start with eating. Anyway I prayed 2 times for his back but he said he didn’t feel a difference. As he started to eat I felt I should not continue so I left. Maybe I shouldn’t have start with checking if his legs were the same lenght. They were not really interested anyway. I need to learn this. I’m so passionate about my Lord that I want everyone to now the reality about Him! Sometimes “my passion” tries to run before Jesus and that’s not the way it should be! I am a disciple who learns by doing! Thank you Lord Jesus!
I had a good conversation with these two youngsters from Somalie. They said they were muslim but listened interestingly to what I told them. How can people get to know the Saviour if no one tells them. Jesus sends us out, we need to be obedient and go. Jesus his last command to his disciples was “GO out and make disciples of all the nations…” If we want to be obedient to Gods call we need to go! You’ll see that God is in control and that you’ll meet persons who are open.
Just at the moment we wanted to leave we saw that there was a girl sitting on a bench. My wife went to talk with her about Christ. Quiet quick she asked her if she had any pain at the moment. The girl said she had some pain in her neck. My wife prayed for it and it became better. After she had prayed three times she could only feel a little bit of soreness but all her pain was gone! Hallelujah! My wife shared God with her and gave her our information card. She thanked Anni. We said goodbye and went home.

If you want to be more skilled in the “fishing of men” you must read some fishers advice from our brother in Christ Dough Collins!
We send lots of blessings and love to all our brothers and sisters in Christ our Lord! If you have questions don’t hesitate to write to us! ❤

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