Saturday 07.07.18, Kickstart weekend on the TLR summer camp

We were able to come to the TLR summer camp in Denmark so the next posts will be about our experiences from here. The summer camp started with a “kickstart weekend”: this is a weekend were you learn more about how to be a disciple of Jesus in a practical way). During the weekend people can join groups who will be send out on the street to share the gospel accompanied by healing those who are sick. For many this is a new and exciting way to see how God can use us in an easy but very effective way of sharing the gospel. We went in groups to a festival that was going on one hour drive away from Thisted. I went together with a lovely couple, Anders & Erin.


These are some of our meetings:

I first wanted to show an example of how I approach people and went to a group of teenagers. I asked if anyone of them had any pain and the girl in the picture had pain in her finger (it hurted 5 on a scale 1 to 10) which completely vanished after the first prayer. This was nice! They were not really interested in the gospel that I tried to share with them so I left them quiet quickly. Even if many are not ready to hear, God is with us and we are searching for that one open person! To see someone get healed before your eyes gives your faith a boost. Up to the next one!  


The friend of this guy (didn’t want to be in the picture) had pain in his hand and let me pray for it. All his pain was gone after two prayers! I shared that Jesus wanted to show them through the healing that He is REAL! But foremost He wants to show you that He is the only way to have eternal life! 

We found another person with pain who was open to receive  prayer. Anders (in the middle) commanded the pain to go in Jesus name and after the second short prayer his pain left. He was very happy about it and listened with open ears to what we told him. 


We shared some more gospel but we didn’t seem to find people with pain  anymore. At a certain moment Anders and I were walking and still searching for people with pain, when we saw that Erin had already gone to talk to someone else who had some pain. She prayed for it and all the pain left. Hallelujah!

Anders & Erin were very happy for this amazing start of the weekend and so was I. It is again and again amazing to realise that we can command all pain and sickness to go in Jesus name and it has to listen! I would say that I’m still learning a lot and not everyone is 100% healed but I’m on a good path. My wish is to become more and more like my master Jesus and do the same things He did!

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