Wednesday 11.07.18, Mother and daughter got healed at Cold Hawaii

On the summer camp there was every day opportunity to go to the street with other people to share the gospel and learn from each other. On Wednesday there were two ladies who wanted to go with me on the street. They had already before prayed for people who had been healed, but wanted to grow in boldness. You’ll only overcome your fear by doing it more and more and not listening to your fear!

So on Wednesday I went on the street with my two sister in Christ, Selmaré and Sally. This is how Sally experienced it:

“While at the TLR summer camp we went out on the streets/beach to share the power of the gospel. As disciples of Jesus Christ he said Go and heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the good news of the gospel. After some rejection I was asking Holy Spirit to lead us to the person of peace and there I almost feel like this lady was illuminated to me. Tim went over to talk first, the lady’s name was Caren . She said she had pain in the knees and back so my fellow sister in Christ prayed for the pain to go in the mighty name of Jesus. Caren’s English wasnt great but there are times words are not needed her face said it all! She told her daughter in Danish that all the pain had left to which me and my sister jumped around praising God’s name. Then she pointed to her daughter and said would we pray. We did and a it took a few times but again the pain completely left her. There is power is the name of Jesus. We shared the gospel and the The Last Reformation film.”

When we went back home Sally and Selmaré were so happy, because they got to see people being healed by their prayer! God is faithful! Thank you Jesus!  😀


Ps: Also in the start of the week I prayed for a Norwegian guy who had had dizziness for a long time. Because of the dizziness he couldn’t drive his car. He had two kids, so it was a real problem for him. When I heard the story I prayed for him and few days after when he saw me again he told me that the dizziness had totally gone away. Amazing!




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