Friday 13.07.18, FREE HEALING! “freely you received, freely you give”

On friday I left with a group who wanted to go out and share the gospel at Thisted city 🙂

This is how Tone (the woman in our group) experienced the outreach:

“The outreach on friday was amazing! We went over to two teenager girls and asked if they had any pain. One of the girls had a shoulder that hurt and sometimes came out of position. We prayed once and she got better. She was amazed by this. We prayed again a couple of times and all the pain went away. There were no doubts she was healed, she was confused and amazed. We told them about Jesus and gave them cards so they could watch the movie later. The girls had to go to the cinema and we went on.

The next lady we asked was from Syria and was currish. She did not speak English and contacted her friends/ family and we tried to tell them about Jesus but it was difficult. We tried om Norwegian/Danish. Later we met the lady and her husband again and this time the man showed that he had pain in his shoulder and neck. We prayed some times and all the pain left. We told him about Jesus again and gave him the movie address and that he could find people like us at Thisted. The man asked if he should pay us but of cours we sayed no and told that it was Jesus that healed him. This was the most clair example of Gods interference but God touched more people too! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!”

Ps: In my last post I spoke about someone who got healed from his dizziness! I just received a message from him to confirm he was totally healed; this is what he wrote: “And to prove the dizziness is completely gone, I drove back to my  home through Denmark and Sweden, 970 km with only 2 short breaks”


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