Thursday 19.07.18, Holy spirit showed me where there was pain!

Waaaw, so cool! Today the Holy Spirit showed me where the next person had pain. How? Well, when I left my house today and went to the watchmaker. I gave him my watch and asked him, if he or his father who stood next to him  had any pain in their body. He said, “not at the moment, why?”. I explained that I pray for people on the street and many get healed. “This service is for free and is just to show people that Jesus is alive. So if you or your father have any pain I would gladly pray for you”! He thanked me but said again that he had no pain. I asked if his father had any pain so he translated to his father what I was asking but also the father said that he had no pain.  The  young man thanked me and I gave him a new card (that I had brought with me from the summer camp) with  links to the documentaries: “the Life” and “The Beginning” from The Last Reformation. And I left.

While I was near Prisma (the small shopping center of my town). I thought that I could still buy some stuff from there. I stopped for a short while on the way to Prisma to check if I was going the right way and I had a small pain in my right knee. Just for 1 second. I thought, “what was that?” … I had to think back on the many testimonies of my sister in Christ “Regina Gabrielle Pfeiffer” who quiet often has some pain in her body that is an indicator for her where the next person she will meet has some kind of pain. Because the pain remained only 1 second I proceeded my way to Prisma.

When I entered the shop “Prisma” there was a young lady who was recruiting some sponsors for the Red Cross. She started to talk with me and I listened to her story. When she was done I asked her if she had any pain in her right knee. She was quiet for a moment and said; “yes, how do you know”? … I explained her the story (read the story above) and asked her if I could shortly pray for her. She said “yes”. Her pain level was around a 4 on a scale to 10, after the first prayer she didn’t know if it was totally gone so I said “maybe still a 1?”. She agreed. I prayed a last time and asked again how her pain was and now she said she didn’t feel it any more. Hallelujah! She didn’t believe in Jesus so I gave her my contact card and told her that I couldn’t heal but that this was Jesus showing her that He is alive and wants to give her eternal life!  I said: “I see you are working now but if you are interested to hear more you can contact me on my email adress (see contact card that I gave you) and we can meet in the Prisma café to talk more about it. You can talk to me, my wife or both. Whatever feels comfortable for you! Remember that your body will die at some point but your soul stays alive! Where it will go is up to you to decide now! I have much to tell, if your interested please watch the documentary and send me a mail!” is what I said before we said good bye to each other.

She didn’t want to be on the picture because she represents a big organisation but was ok with a “foot pic” 😀

Thank you Jesus! Reading Regina her testimonies I had always thought how it would feel when God would show me where the next person had pain. Now I know 😀 What a testimonie it must be for “them” when a stranger asks you if you have pain in your right knee and you actually have pain in your right knee! 😀

All glory to God!

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