Friday 20.07.17, Receiving a word of knowledge

Waaw, this is amazing! God is really teaching me something. If you read the post of yesterday you know I got a revelation from God where the next person’ pain would be. My sister in Christ Regina Gabrielle Pfeiffer told me that “I was starting to receive the gift of a word of knowledge, a known fact about the person is regards to their current situation. 1 Corinthians 12”. Would it be?

Today I prayed again and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me where the next person would have pain and my right leg started to ache a very little bit. I thought, is this still the left over pain from yesterday? Because it was almost at the same place. When I would go to Prisma today and would talk to someone I would defenitely  ask if the person had pain in his right leg.

img_20180720_1123541794743818.jpgThe first person I met while walking in the small shopping center was a Romanian looking guy. I decided to try my chance  and asked him if I could ask a question? He said “Yes”. “Maybe a bit of a weird question but do you have any pain in your right leg”? I asked. And I pointed to his right upper leg towards his knee. He looked a bit confused and asked “what”? So I repeated my question and he was for a moment silent. Then he turned to me and said: “how do you know”? I said that God had told me and explained him how God had told me and I went on with asking if he was a Christian. He said “yes” so I knew what I was going to ask next. It seemed that he wasn’t baptised yet and didn’t had the intention to do so (yet?).  His English was good but it was still hard to talk about baptism and to have a more deeper talk. I gave him my contact card and told him that he should check the documentary and if he and his wife wanted they could come to our home and have a chat. (We live very close to Prisma and so did he). I said that my wife is a Fin and we could talk more and on a deeper level.

He looked happy and still a bit surprised with what just happened. We said goodbye. Hopefully I will hear more from them! It would be nice if they can have a good talk with my wife; showing them “the cups and cookies“. Share life with each other and just be a friends.

Thank you Jesus for today!

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