Thurs-Sat 26.-28.07.18, Fellowship and outreach with a family from Russia!

What a blessing it has been to host a family of 3 from Russia for 2 nights at our home! They saw us on the TLR-map and contacted us, because they had a plan to visit Finland for a week and wanted to get more experience in praying for the sick on the street. They arrived on Thursday for dinner and we had a nice evening of fellowship and sharing our stories.

On Friday morning my wife left to work. After some individual quiet time (reading Bible, praying) we all went to the streets of Forssa to search for open people. We asked different people, but didn’t find open ones, so we decided to go to a big shop called Prisma. When we were entering, there came a lady towards us (around 50 years old). I was a bit behind from the others and stopped to ask her if she had any pain. She had some pain in her legs because of biking. I asked her if I could shortly pray for it and she agreed. After the first prayer she was really shocked when she realised that it had img_20180727_1212042109032922.jpgbecome much better. I prayed a second time and commanded all the pain that was still there to leave and the muscles to be healed: now the woman said that all her pain was gone. She was shocked and smiling all over while she was trying to feel if there was still pain but no, all pain was gone! Hallelujah! While I was talking to the lady, the Russian family had come closer, because they had realized that I had stop to talk to someone. I explained the lady where this power came from and that we’re all in need of Saviour. She thanked me and it seemed that she had to go so I said goodbye.

We approached some more people but no one seemed to have pain or time to listen to us. Around 1 o’clock we went back to my home to eat something. We planned that since Forssa didn’t have so many people, we would drive to a bigger city, Hämeenlinna to share the gospel, when my wife would come back from work.

We started from a shopping center, Goodman (see pictures under). I went around with Vladimir and my wife went with Vladimir’s wife, Alyona and their daughter. We met some open people there. One Christian guy (ex-muslim) friended me in facebook because he wanted to go to the streets together with me. He told that he was really honoured by me asking him to go to streets together. He was hungry for more! O yeah! Those are the people that I’m searching for! Vladimir & I shared a lot of gospel but no one in Goodman had pain so we couldn’t show them the power of the gospel. Also our wives asked some different people (young man with a baby, youngster selling strawberries, middle aged woman etc.), but everyone was healthy and were not open for conversation.

With our family from Russia

After more than an hour, we decided to go for a walk to the city center. When we went out from the main doors, there was an African looking guy, who was about to jump on his bike. I quickly asked him, if he had pain. He had just wanted to go home but said that he had pain in his upper back. I asked him how much his pain level was on a scale of ten img_20180727_190353765206430.jpgand he said 10. A lot of pain! My friend Vladimir prayed for it. After the second prayer the guy said to Vladimir that he still had some pain in his neck so Vladimir put his hand on his neck and prayed a last time. Bam! All pain was gone. This guy was also a believer but looked still surprised of the outcome. He was very happy about it! Because he was ready to leave, we gave him my contact card with some links and told him that he should really check them out! He thanked us and said he would check the links.

We walked towards the market place in Hämeenlinna and I asked few people on the way. We sat down next to a park to eat some ice cream. My wife was pointing out to some muslim looking guys sitting on the park next to us, so after our ice creams Vladimir and I decided to approach them. They didn’t have pain but pointed out some other muslims sitting in a group on the other side of the market place. We went to the other group, but they didn’t have pain. We started still to talk with them. I was speaking to a muslim from Somalia while Vladimir was speaking to all the others. I had a good conversation but I could hear that Vladimir had to defend his faith. Later on Vladimir told that he saw that I had a good conversation going on, so he was trying to keep the group’s attention away from me and the guy so that they couldn’t start hindering the gospel that I shared 😀 While we had been talking to the muslims, our wife’s and Vladimir’s daughter followed us and took some pictures. When we went back to them, we still went to talk to a couple sitting on a bench opposite from our girls.

It was time to go back to Forssa, so we still took one group picture and left 😀 What a nice day!!! There’s power in going out together with others! We can always learn from each other and get encouraged and motivated to step out more.



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