Fri-Sat 03.-04.08.18, There was smoke in the plane!

On Friday we started our one week trip to Belgium to meet my family. I like to travel and to meet all kind of different people. I was again thinking, “Let’s see what this travel will bring?”.

When we were waiting on our bus to Hämeenlinna I approached a middle aged guy. I tried my best to speak Finnish with him, because he didn’t speak English. He said he had pain in his stomach. The pain level was 5 on scale from 0 to 10 . After the first prayer he nodded and said it was better. After a second short command all his pain was gone. I showed him a clip from the start of the TLR-movie and tried to tell about God. I told him that Jesus had healed him etc. but then his bus came and he had to go.

We got to the airport and boarded our plane. Next to us there was a mother with a 5 week old baby. We had a nice conversation with her, since we’re also expecting. When the plane was moving towards the take off area, there came a strong smoke smell in the cabin. The plane stopped and we had to leave our plane in a rush because the staff didn’t know where the smell was coming from.

We had to wait a lot outside, in the bus and then in a room where they gathered us. During our wait I could tell some of my testimony to the mother with the baby and share that I prayed for people on the street. She was positive about it, but had a different belief system than us, so we didn’t go further with talking about God: we can’t prove that God exists, only He can. Our luggage was left to the plane when we evacuated, so after a lot of waiting they let us go to get them from the plane one by one. My wife Anni stayed in the room with all those who didn’t have luggage in the cabin. When I was queueing to take our luggage back, I approached many people but didn’t find anyone who was interested. When I talked to some people, they easily just left and went a bit further from me (that’s a clear no).

Then I approached a blond girl, waiting before me. She said her eyes were a bit dry: the dryness was just 2 on a scale from 0 to 10. She let me pray and said after the first prayer that it was better. After the second prayer she said, that it was definitely better. I’m not sure if the dryness was totally away but I didn’t want to pressure her and also she had to go into the plane to get her cabin bag.

They were not able to arrange a flight for us for the same evening, so they accommodated us close to the airport. Even if it was a lot of waiting and hassle, it still felt like a treat from God because, we could sleep in a hotel, have a paid dinner and breakfast and leave next morning to Belgium with a straight flight (originally we had taken 2 connecting flights, because it was cheaper). Hallelujah!

We flew to Belgium on Saturday morning. We had a nice talk at the Helsinki airport with a christian guy from South Africa and shared some testimonies. When we arrived to Brussels we took a train to Gent. I talked to two guy before the train left and two youngsters in the train. No pain, but I could share about God and some of my testimony. When we passed Aalst (a city in Belgium where I used to work as a teacher of religion) five youngsters came on the train and sat close by. I thought that I maybe recognised one of the youngsters but I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to approach the group there in the train, so I said to God: “God, if you want me to meet them and talk to them, just create a situation were I can start talking with them without me having to act kind of strange like I would want something from them. You are the Creator, you can do it, I trust in you”.

When the train stopped in Ghent Sint Pieters station both us and the youngsters went out of the train. We were walking just behind them and I thought, “Waaaw, now I have the chance!”, so I approached the last two guys before me and asked if they had pain. They didn’t have any pain but the other recognised me and remembered that I had been teaching on his school. We spoke a bit with each other and his friends came closer. Now I asked the others, if anyone had pain (because I really wanted them to see that in Jesus name people are healed, even today!)

One of them had headache but not so much so I asked how much does it hurt from 0 to 10. He said “five”. I prayed two or three times and all his pain was gone. I told them that I used to teach (Protestant Evangelical) religion in Aalst but two years ago I came to know that people can me healed by a single prayer in Jesus name, so since that I’ve been praying for the sick everywhere I go. When the pain doesn’t leave I just pray again until it’s all gone. The group of five was listening very carefully. One of them believed in God so I told him that my email address was on the contact card that I gave all of them and that he could contact me to hear more. I want to take him out on the street and show him that he can pray for people too and they will get healed! 😀

I had been speaking long enough and we also needed to go to my parents who had come to fetch us. So I told them they should check the TLR movie and especially watch the documentary “Reiki master meets Jesus“, where gospel is fully explained. They said they would check it. I hope to get some kind of a reaction from them to my email address (! (:

What a nice start of our 1-week trip to Belgium!

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