Fri – Sat 24.- 25.08.18, Sharing the cups and cookies in a shopping mall

Praying to God for giving you opportunities to share the gospel makes you more attentive to find those places and times!

Friday we left for a weekend with the family of my wife. We still had to wait for an hour to be picked up by her parents so in the meanwhile we decided to go to a big shopping mall. My wife would do some groceries while I would search some open people.


I found a group of three open teenagers from Thailand living in Finland. One of them had a head ache (pain level 5 on scale from 0-10) which disappeared already after the first prayer! She was really happy and surprised as were her friends! I asked if they had some time to listen to what I wanted to share with them and they said immediately “Yes, we have nothing to do now”. So I shared the “cups and cookie”-story with them so they could understand what needed to be done to accept Christ. To say it in another way: “What they practicality still needed to do to be born again” (I.e. to repent from their sins, to be baptised, and to be filled by the spirit). I gave them my contact card with my e-mail and said that they had to e-mail me if they wanted some more explanation how to get this new life.

What a nice encounter! I still spoke with different people groups until the security guards told me to stop with giving my contact card to others. One guard had taken my contact card away from a girl  and told me I shouldn’t give my contact card to people.  I pray that he will cheque the links and find our Lord Jesus who gave his life for him!

The next day we had to go to a shop so while my wife and brothers in law were doing some groceries I saw two youngsters standing at the beer section. I went to them and asked if they understood some English.

One of the girls said that she was feeling bad at the moment. It seemed to be really severe because she said it was like a 8 on a scale of 10. I commanded the pain to go and asked her how she felt. She was surprised that it really felt better and so was her friend! After the second prayer (her friend walked away) she felt good again! “Totally good”. I gave her my contact card and felt drawn to say to the girl that God loved her so much that He send his son Jesus to die for her on the cross because we have all sinned. “Really cheque the links!” I said to her. The girl nodded and we said goodbye. I quickly searched for my wife because the time had come to leave.

As a born again believer you can’t use your time better than to search for people and just ask them if you can ask them a weird question. “Do you have any pain at the moment”. When they say yes, you just heal them in the name of Jesus and share the gospel as much as they let you. If they have no pain you can just explain them why you ask them this question. (I want them to have an encounter with Jesus, in which they mostly don’t believe).

Btw, not everybody get 100% healed because of different reasons.

First of all not every one let you pray as much as you want to pray for them. (Once I prayed up to 8 times without any difference, the ninth time all her back pain left! Three days later I saw the woman again and with gladness she said that her back was still good : )

Second, people sometimes lie in your face and

thirdly “we are not yet like our master Jesus” and our faith still needs to grow. Which can only grow by using it. But I NEVER regretted to have asked people if they had any pain because the conversation that follows after this question was always a very good one!

It encourages me a lot to read Paul’s advice to his his son in the faith Timothy:

Be diligent to show yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed. Rightly dividing the Word of truth2Tim.2:15. 

God bless you all!!!


4 thoughts on “Fri – Sat 24.- 25.08.18, Sharing the cups and cookies in a shopping mall

  1. Hi Tim,
    Thank your for this encouraging post full of truth!
    I was wondering, have you ever noticed a difference between praying for believers and non-believers?
    I currently live with a friends of mine, brethren in Christ, and I have prayed many times for one sister, but no far she has not felt any direct improvement of her health. You are right about people not always letting us pray as much as we would like to. But I was wondering whether they may be other factors coming into play…
    Greetings from East Africa!


  2. Hi Camille!
    So nice of you to react! This is what people should do indeed because I can’t tell everything I want (otherwise it would become to long and people would stop reading).

    First of all I want to encourage your boldness! AMAZING! Your doing such a good thing! Acting on Gods Word and praying for your friend! …. You told me that her health is not improving. Is there maybe another factor that comes into play?

    Well, I wanted to write about that but honestly forgot (I had already three points) but my fourth point could be that people don’t get healed because of demonic oppression. Sometimes the pain/sickness/anxiety, etc… is due to demonic oppression. This can sound a crazy thought/word but also followers of God can have some demonic oppression. I know that this is a hard card to play; with this I mean; it can be difficult to tell this to others but it is a reality!

    Practically what to do with this? … I think it is good to tell your friend about this and ask her if she knows that she previously has been “opening” some doors maybe without her knowledge? Maybe she visited some spiritual / occult gatherings? Or was she involved in some other sins that opened some doors? … Most important is that you together pray to God that He would reveal what is hindering the healing!

    Sister, I know this can be difficult and that’s why we should try our best to free this person (heal them); but not get stuck on them. I mean; when the healing doesn’t happen; you should know that you did all that you could but you have to continue! You have to continue learning to become more like Our master Jesus! We are on our way, and one day we will be like Him! Hallellujah! 😀

    I have a friend living very close to me who is afraid to leave his home. I personally think it must be spiritual (he has previously been involved with a lot of bad stuff) but praying for him doesn’t do much. I truly believe that he can be freed but I found it hard to “cast demons out” if there is no sign that there is any demon. … I had been thinking, maybe his mind just needs to be renewed, so we read a lot of bible together; but nothing seems to help. I prayed already more than once that the demons of (all kind) should leave him, but after three minutes without results I stopped. What I want to do is go with one of my TLR-friends to him and pray for him together. (it’s always good to be with more than one!) This oppressed friend lives very close to my door and I visit him weekly (he can not leave his home because he becomes to anxious when he is to far from his home) so I pray and believe that he will be freed soon… but so far no break through 😦 …. Anyway, we continue with spreading the Word of God (in power if possible) 😀

    A lot of blessings, courage and peace I wish you Camille! 😀


  3. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for getting back at me. You are right, it is surely possible. I had forgotten about it, probably because -as you mentioned yourself about your friend- whenever I pray for her she doesn’t manifest. But it doesn’t mean the underlying cause of that sickness is not spiritual. I will keep that in mind, will ask the LORD to show me what the root of may be, and pray for an opportunity to talk about it with her.
    Remain blessed too; thank you for doing what you do, living that disciple life, and blogging about it.


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