Monday 27.08.18, Oops, Jesus did it again!

Here we go again. We’re just back from a nice weekend that my wife and I spend with my wife’s parents and again Jesus healed someone with severe pain, pain level 10 on a scale of 0-10. This is a short praise report!

Today I went to the second hand shop to look for something that just broke. I sat down to search on my phone for the right picture and saw that an older lady with a crutch came in the shop. When she went to  the cashier I went to her and asked if she had pain. She said in Finnish; “yes, in my hips, bones and back. It’s reuma!”. I told her that Jesus still heals today and asked her if I could quickly pray for her. The cashier (who’s a believer and had previously been healed by my simple prayer from her pain) explained to this older woman with some more words in Finnish what I meant. The woman with reuma said that she was also a believer. I said that I was glad to hear that. I like to show everyone that Jesus is alive and not just a philosophy.  Faith is more than just going to the church building on Sunday. Can I quickly pray for you? She said “yes” so I prayed and asked her to walk a bit without her crutch and she did. She stopped and looked to the cashier and started to speak a lot in Finnish to her so I asked the older woman if all her pain was gone. She said “it’s much better” so I prayed again and asked the same question. Yes, now all pain was gone. With a smile on her face she left the shop and said more than two times “thank you”, “thank you” to me. I told her “No, thank you Jesus and pointed to heaven” He’s the healer 😀

This is so easy guys!

God is good and we live to tell everyone about his saving power! He’s comming back very soon; let’s go and tell the world about Him!!

This is the cashier of the shop because the older woman who was healed didn’t want to be on the picture.


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