Wednesday 05.09.18, Yes, it happened again!

The Gospel of Mark shows that Jesus designed his disciple’s ministry to be a team effort. (“Then Jesus went around teaching from village to village. Calling the Twelve to him, he began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over impure spirits.” ~ Mark 6:6-7)

Going with two, or more to share the Gospel is powerful for different reasons:
– When people reject you(r message) you draw strength from each other to continue!        – You get to know each other better                                                                                                       – You learn from each other
– etc…

On Wednesday I went with the other couple of our home fellowship to a big shop in a neighbouring city to share the gospel. We were all excited to see what God would do 🙂

My friends said that they would want to have a look how I did it (sharing the gospel in power ) and maybe next time pray themselves for people. This was no problem for me.

img_20180905_174758488669741.jpgWe first went to some local shops and were looking for open people to share the gospel with. We found a group of youngsters. I approached them and asked if someone had pain. No one had pain but they were interested to hear “why I asked this weird question”.  I told them that Jesus still heals today and that He sends his disciples/followers out to show all the people that He is alive (Read Luke 10). They were happy to hear this but had no pain. I gave them my contact card and told them they should cheque out some links that were on the card. The documentary movie would be a good start 😀

We continued to go to a big shopping mall in that city.
In the big shopping mall we got the plan to go outside just before the mall were there were some benches and more freedom to share the gospel. Standing outside we first prayed together and asked Gods blessing on our little  outreach.  In the corner of my eye I could see an Iraqi looking guy sitting on a bench. He was wearing a shirt of Nike with the initials, “JUST DO IT”. Encouraged by this slogan I went to him. When I stood before him I could see that this guy was different. We said “hi” to each other and gave each other a big hug.  I asked him if he had anywhere pain. He said “yes, in my back”. I asked img_20180905_1707391627440399.jpghim if I could pray for him and he said “yes”. Because we were standing before a bench I told him to sit down on the bench so I could cheque if his legs were the same lenght. I told him that back pain can be caused by difference in leg lenght. Indeed, his legs were not the same lenght. I grew out his shorter leg in Jesus’ name and prayed for his back before asking him to cheque his back again. When he checked his back he said “no more pain”. We spoke about Jesus and why we were doing this. He said he was a Christian too. I told him that he could do the same I had done with him to his friends who were muslim because it was not me but the Holy Spirit living in me who had healed him. You have the same Holy Spirit living in you, so were are you waiting for? 😀 Now that I’m writing this I’m thinking on all the things I maybe should have said to him but didn’t do because it
didn’t come to my mind. I believe that this is also a reason why we should do this more (going out, sharing the gospel with people). By doing you learn and become better in sharing the gospel 😀

Now we had become hungry so we went to eat somewhere in the big shopping mall.


After this we were walking around and talking to people. No one had pain but we still could talk to people about Jesus’ power. Just when I was thinking of going home my friend showed me two teenage girls and said to me, “you can maybe go to those img_20180906_120835166853447.jpgteenagers?”.  I thought, ok then; let’s end with this one. So I went to them and asked again if someone of them had some pain. One of the girls quickly said “no” but the other didn’t spoke so much English so her friend had to translate. Because her friend didn’t know what to say I showed her one minute of the movie of the last reformation “the beginning” (minute 1.42-2.44) where there are some short movie shots were you can see people being healed by prayer. Now she said; “Ahaa” and told me in Finnish that she had a little pain in her leg/muscles. I asked her if I could pray for her and she agreed. After I commanded all pain to leave her leg I asked her how she felt. The girl started to become red and say “apua, apua” (“help, help” in Finnish)! She waved with her hands like it was too hot and I could see that little tears were forming in her eyes. She was shocked! Even though she was a Christian she didn’t think this would or could happen. “Whaaat! Jesus did this? Christianity is no philosophy? Jesus is REAL!??”  (this is how I would translate the girls’ emotions). I gave her my contact card and told her that she had to wacht the movie and other links and that there was also a translation in Finnish if she wanted that! What a nice meeting! This girl was very happy and had a meeting with the real Jesus who is still alive today! Cool! I hope that she will still contact me and ask for a bit more explanation of the gospel because being  baptised as a child (what she had done) isn’t a real baptism! My wife can then come with me because she is a Fin and speaks fluently Finnish. I want to tell her more about Jesus who wants us to choose him with our free will! As baby you have no free will! Your parents choose for you, and that’s why this is no real baptism for God!

My friends who were standing a bit further were happy and amazed. They had seen something similar already when we both went to a church building in Hämeenlinna and a young African woman was healed by Jesus power. One short prayer (command that all pain had to leave) and this African woman was healed. Realising this tears were rolling down her cheek! Waaaw, Jesus you are amazing!

I pray that we (Tomas, Simona, my wife (who couldn’t join because of a women’s group she joins on Wednesday) and me) will find more people who are open and are searching for You, or who haven’t met the “real, living Jesus” yet! Lord put them on our way and help us to share the gospel/good news of Jesus Christ in a good way!  A way that leads them to long to be born again (= 1.Repentence, = confessing of sins and wanting to turn away from them, 2. to be baptised in water and 3. to be baptised with the Holy Spirit for the washing away of our sins). Jesus says that without this (being born again, meaning: 1,2&3) no one can enter the Kingdom of heaven! So please stand with me and let this be an encouragement for you to go also in the harvest and search for that one little lamb that has lost its way!

To all my brothers and sisters in the faith I wish you a lot of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! BLESSINGS!

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