Monday 17.09.18, The fear went away!

Our friend Melissa came over from Belgium to spend some vacation in Finland. We have shown her some beautiful places in Forssa, where we are living and in Hämeenlinna where Anni’s parents live. The past week we have talked about God all the time, read the Bible, prayed and simply shared life. We showed her two movies from The Last Reformation: The Beginning (2016) and The Life (2018). She was very excited to see all the testimonies of God’s power and how following Christ is not an boring or easy thing to do.

We spent the weekend in Hämeenlinna and returned to Forssa on Monday morning. Anni’s mom gave us lift to the city center before her work, because it was raining and we had 45 minutes to spend in a shopping mall called Goodman. My wife, Anni, sat down and kept an eye on our bags while I showed our friend Melissa how to share the gospel with strangers and pray for them. We had some good accounters in the shopping mall and still we had amazing time when we came back to Forssa! God is so good! 😀



This is what Melissa wrote:

“At first I was a bit afraid to approach people, let alone talk about Jesus and pray for their pain. I went with Tim so I knew he would do the talking. I really wanted to have this experience. First we approached two women who were working at a store, but they didn’t seem to be interested so we moved on. I thought that this is what mostly happens so my hopes went down. Then we approached a young guy, he was a student. Tim asked him if he had any pain. He said no, so Tim told him if he was in pain that we would pray for it, and that it is the power of Jesus that would heal him. He told us that he believes in God but was yet undecided. This was interesting so we told him about Jesus and gave him a card with links and Tim’s contact information. He said that he would check it later. Then after a few other people we met a cleaner, who was working in the mall. He was a smiley man. Tim asked him if he had any pain. He told us he had pain at his back and hips. Tim prayed for him and it was a little better. Then Tim prayed a second time: it was not yet all gone. Then after the third prayer, the pain was gone! He smiled and was happy. Because he was working we let him do his work. It was so wonderful to see how joyful he was.
The last guy we met was also a young man, a student. He didn’t have much time but he still listened. He told us he had pain at his foot. Tim asked him to give his hand and prayed while holding his hand. The guy said that the pain was the same, so Tim prayed again. This time the pain was lesser than before. After the third time the pain was completely gone. He smiled and was amazed. Tim told him about Jesus and the power of healing. He kept on smiling. It was so amazing to see that even in this mall with a few people we can reach and maybe kickstart others. I realized that we can make a difference if we just step out and approach people like Jesus commanded us to. Even if we do not know if they are healed, even if we don’t feel like it, we have to obey Jesus’ last words. We do not know what the big picture is but God does. We just have to follow Jesus!

Then we went back to the appartment of Tim and Anni. I was on fire and wanted to do this but I had this fear I couldn’t describe. I felt a little unsettled so I told them about it. They suggested to pray for it but also then I felt confused. We sat down on the couch  and they started praying for me. I was willing and after some time I prayed along. While I was praying I felt this fear creeping in. So I stopped praying and let them pray for me. I tried to focus on their prayers, but I was getting distracted by other feelings and images. I saw like this dark figure, with claws, holding me. But it was very vague. Then suddenly my heart was going really really fast. I felt it bouncing in my chest. I felt so afraid that I started crying. Tim
and Anni kept on praying, louder this time. Such a powerful experience. After a few moments I felt much better. The fear was gone. I was shivering and cold, very special feeling but I wasn’t afraid anymore. I could feel the difference. It felt so good. After a while a felt this warmth coming over me, so special. From that moment I also realised that we are in a battle, I must keep praying for this. But because of this experience I knew that the power of the holy spirit is way more powerful then these demons. We do have authority because Jesus has already won!”

Anni’s comment:

“It was a good reminder for me that especially when praying for a problem, that is not physical, we sometimes need more time. Tim and I had prayed already for some time for freedom and for the fear to go, before anything started happening. While Tim was praying in English, I prayed in tongues and vice versa. What a joy it was, when the Fear left and there came relief! Also the fear used to come daily, but hasn’t come back in the following two days! God wants that all believers use his authority to bring freedom and peace!”

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