Thursday 20.09.18, Kickstarting Melissa

Melissa has now been with us for a bit more than a week. She has seen movies and heard testimonies and teachings about healing the sick and preaching the gospel. On Monday she was with me in a shopping mall and saw how I prayed for the sick and shared the gospel with people. Still it was very important that Melissa would see people being healed by her own prayer. So we decided to go to a mall in Forssa on Thursday morning, which was her last day with us.

We went to Prisma around 11 o’clock because we knew that the youngsters from a close-by secondary school would be on a lunch break then. The first group of youngsters we met (around 11 youngsters) were a bit defensive in the start and said, “No, no pain”. Then one of the guys that I had seen few times before said to me, “She has pain”, and pointed to one of the girls. I asked the girl if she had pain and she confessed to have pain. When I asked her how much the pain level was on a scale from 0-10 she said 9! I asked if my friend could pray for her and she agreed. Now I said to Melissa, “just put your hand on hers and command the pain to go”.

After first prayer: “No, no change”
After second prayer: “Yes it is better. I would say 5/10”
After third prayer: “…(3 second pause when she checked her hand and was a bit confused)… no, no pain”

Her friend started to grumble and look to us a bit weirdly (someone was even filming it) so I told why we do this and asked if we could take a picture for the blog. The friend next to her took this girl, who Melissa just prayed for, by the hand and said, “No, we have to go now!”. This was really sad because we could see that the girl who was just healed was surprised and open to receive. I had to think on the parable of the sower (Mark 4:1-9) were the seed fell next to the road and the birds come and pick it away. But I was happy that Melissa had seen the first person be healed by her prayer! Hallelujah! That is what a kickstart is about: showing a person that Jesus will heal people by their prayer 😀


We went outside and met lots of people who were not open. After some searching I saw a homeless-looking man sitting on a bus stop. I went to him and started the talk but had to make it short because he only understood and spoke Finnish. I asked him in Finnish if he had any pain, and this man said, “yes”. “Do you have now pain? ” I asked him again. “Yes, every day”, he said. “Is it ok if my friend prays for your pain to disappear?”. He nodded,  so I told Melissa to pray for the pain in his body. After Melissa prayed a short prayer I asked him if he still had pain and he said: “No, not at the moment”. Ahaa! I pointed to Jesus who just had healed him and said goodbye because my Finnish was not sufficient to talk much longer. I was happy! Melissa saw two people being healed by her simple prayer during only one hour! Mission accomplished, I would say 😀

This is what Melissa wrote about today:

“At first when we were walking to the mall I was excited, I wanted to experience this. We arrived and we saw a lot of students, youngsters. Then I started to feel a bit insecure but we went anyway. Tim started to talk to all these young people. I then noticed that they were laughing and looking weird at us, I felt all these emotions. I wanted to leave because I felt that my reputation was being compromised. I did know that it is not about me or Tim but it is about Jesus but I felt all those mixed emotion. I even wanted to shout and say that they are too young to understand such a truth because of this peer pressure, and laughing at us isn’t logical, and that they must stop mocking us, but then again I knew that it is not about me but about Jesus. I realised that we do talk to this people about Jesus anyway and want them to be delivered from pain. So our job is done and God will do the rest. We live in a difficult time, especially for young people, but we need to tell them what the bible and Jesus is really about.”


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