Saturday 22.09.18, “Go&Make Disciples training”

Saturday there was a discipleship training in Lahti. We spoke about:

The Kingdom of God, Discipleship & Evangelism & Luke 10. After lunch we split in groups and went on the streets. I went with Miro:

It was nice to go again with Miro on the streets. We went to the first big shopping that we saw to search some open people to share the Gospel with. Miro wanted more experience in healing the sick. I wanted to practise sharing the gospel with some cards!



On our way we met 2 muslim looking people. The man had pain in his back which went nearly all away after the first prayer. (From a seven on a pain level scale to ten, to a 2/10). After the second prayer all his pain was gone. The pain in his wife’s back didn’t seem to change. Only after the fifth prayer the pain became less but then her husband wanted to leave so we stopped praying. We had already said that it was Jesus who had healed the man and knew that his wife would be healed too if she would let us continue. But there is freedom and we respect their wish, so we said goodbye. (They didn’t spoke English, nor good Finnish so a good conversation with them was impossible)




We went into the shopping mall “Trio”. The first two girls we saw sitting on a bench were Roma’s who had become Christian, though the girl Miro prayed for didn’t know if she still believed anymore. I asked her if she had any pain at the moment and she said “yes, img_20180922_155542469906408.jpgin my side”. I asked if my friend Miro could pray for her and that she would see how Jesus would take away her pain. She agreed. One or two prayers later and all her pain was gone! I explained  her the gospel with cards and told her that if she wants to follow Jesus she needs to be baptised since she wasn’t yet baptised. Before we left we still prayed and blessed them.






In the end we had a very good conversation with these two young men. They had become Christian and were agreeing on everything I said. During my speech one of their gang sighed/made some noise and went away. Good, now I had all attention. I showed them the gospel with some random cards and they said they wanted to live in “the Kingdom of Light”. They were baptised not so long ago and were also very happy to have this conversation with us. You don’t see it on the picture but they really looked very happy! What a nice day we had on the streets.




We were al together with seven teams on the streets of Lahti. We counted that we had spoken with more than 100 people about Jesus and more then 10 were healed in Jesus name. Everything in around one hour. We were talking about this, what if we would do this every week?  We all believed that the city would soon be changed!


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