Tuesday 23.10.18, The life as a family on mission has begun!

On Tuesday my wife gave birth to our first child!

What a gift of God! He is very precious to us. As a family of three we want to start to be a family on mission. Because we believe we are not on this earth just to enjoy life, family and die but to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt.28), follow our master Jesus in all the other aspects of life, love our neighbours, be an example and testimony for others, etc. In the Gospel of John is written that we have the same calling as Jesus (John. 20:21). If you know what the calling of Jesus was then you know what a huge task is waiting for us. Everybody is needed!!

So on Tuesday, after our child was born. I went to the coffee room in the hospital and saw the cleaner lady. I asked her if she had any pain in her back and she said to have pain there. I could pray for her and asked her how it was. She had to think what to say until another hospital assistant who had just gotten into the room and had heard everything I had told said to me that she (the cleaner lady) probably can’t tell it now but only tomorrow. I told her that I believe that God can do things immediately and that for the last two years I have seen many people being healed on the spot by me shortly praying for them. It might take more then one prayer, but if they let me continue their pain mostly disappears or get less painful. “I can’t heal, but Jesus does exists and that’s what I want to show you! You have nothing to loose, just your pain” ;p

Because this hospital assistant now had joined the conversation I asked her if she also had some pain. She acknowledged to have a little pain in her feet by walking all the time. I said that Jesus could also take her foot pain away. Do you feel the pain now? She said “Yes”. Because I didn’t want to lose this opportunity I immediately asked her if I could quickly pray (not longer than 3sec) and she agreed.

After the first prayer I asked her how it felt. She looked a bit surprised to me and said she didn’t know. After a second prayer she said that all her pain was gone. She seemed to be really surprised by this.

Hallelujah! Now I could share with her Jesus! She took my contact card with links and I shared some of Jesus’ Gospel with her. Now I turned to the cleaner lady with back pain. I asked her if she could sit down so I could check if her legs were same length but the hospital assistant now said that this was impossible because they were working. I also gave her a contact card and told her to check the links. I was reminded that I was keeping people from their work, so I tried to end my conversation as quick as possible. I had given them my contact card with links and the hospital assistant got healed in her foot! Now the Holy Spirit can do something with these small seeds that were sown. A pity that I didn’t got more time but everywhere I go I want to effect people. How big or how small it may be! Jesus said to his 72 disciples, “heal the sick, cast out the demons, preach the Gospel”. Wherever we go we can show people that Jesus is still alive and powerful! If you don’t know how I suggest you to see this movie!


8 thoughts on “Tuesday 23.10.18, The life as a family on mission has begun!

  1. Congratulations Tim and Annie! What a precious baby you have. You will be training the next generation of disciples with him and all his school friends.
    Love and blessings!


    1. Thank you Javier!
      Yes, be a shining light in this world just as our Master Jesus said we would be (if we don’t compromise; )
      Greetings from Finland, Forssa 😀
      In Jesus we’re always connected! 😀


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