Sunday 09.12.18, “They shall put their hands on the sick…”

22.06.17 (2)

Why do I pray for people to get healed?

Because Jesus commanded us to “heal the sick and cast out Demons” (Matt. 10:1).

Yesterday My wife and I went with Elias our baby towards a postbox to post some cards. While Anni was filling in the last addresses I saw some teenagers sitting on a table. I went towards them and asked them if some of them had pain in their body. Some recognised me and went away, others smiled and looked away. I thought to recognise one of them so I turned my attention towards him and asked him straight in the face if he had some pain. He hesitated and said “not much”. I asked him if he believed in Jesus. He said: “No”! I asked him if I could pray for him. He nodded, not really interested. I commanded the pain in his tow to go away in Jesus name and all his pain left him! Now this youngster was more interested to hear what I had to tell him.

I asked him again, “so you don’t believe in Jesus?” He said: “No”

I asked him again, “and you had pain in your tow before I prayed”? He said: “Yes”!

I asked him, “And now after the prayer the pain is gone”. He said: “Yes, … at least, I don’t feel it anymore.

Well, I said. I can not heal people, but Jesus lives in Me and He has healed you! This was for you a sign that Jesus is real. You had just a little pain, you could also go to the doctor but Jesus took it away as a sign for you that He is alive and has much more in store for you! You can read about it in the Bible. Look, check this documentary! (I asked his cell phone and went to the TLR-MOVIE on  YouTube and put the language on Finnish so he could cheque the movie later on in his mother tongue when he would have time.

My wife was ready with the addresses and it was time to go. I said goodbye to the guy and togehter with my wife and my 6-weeks old son we continued our way home.

No big healing happened but someone got to experience that Jesus is “the REAL THING”. Not just a “philosophy, culture or big business”. If we know that Jesus is alive and we believe in Him it’s time for us to show the world that He’s the real thing and we can start today with acting on His Word and laying the hands on the sick. (Mark 16:17-18)

Be encouraged brothers and sisters and step out in faith this week ❤




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