Sunday 06.01.19, New in faith and already healing people!

On sunday we went to the church were my parents are in leadership.
When it was finished I spoke to a couple who had just come to faith. I told them about how I had discovered that we can pray for healing today just like in the Bible and expect them to be healed right away. Sven (the name of the guy) told me that he had discovered the same by watching the documentary of the last reformation.

A friend of theirs joined the conversation and I asked them if they had any pain (wanting to show them how easy it was/praying for someone to be healed and see the healing happening!). Sven was totally healthy, but his friend said that he had some stomach ache.
I asked if Sven and Delphine (his girlfriend) wanted to pray for his friend with stomach ache. 4 small commands and all his friends pain gradually went down unto 0! It reminded me on Jesus’ command to pray until you get what you asked for!

Sven and Delphine were very happy! Not long ago both of them had found Jesus and now (two months later) they had healed their friend! Hallelujah! Jesus is amazing!

The couple told me about there plans to go to a kickstart in Holland. I totally encouraged them to go there!

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