Saturday 19.01.19, The Luke-10 mission school has started!

My wife & I decided to go to the Luke-10 Mission school to learn more about how to live the life as a disciple.

There is teaching & practise!


Saturday we went out with everyone who wanted to go on the streets to share the gospel. These are three of the testimonies (there were much more testimonies, but those I have on stick with me)..

Testimony of Frank Toby;

The first one I met, a 18-Year-old guy, I shared the gospel and gave him my card. He looks at me smiling and says to me, be blessed! We continued to share the gospel and met another guy but he was not interested. Then we met a brother we know who wanted to get someone baptized, but we didn’t find any room. When you’re on the street it gives you audacity and you’re better for the next one. If you do nothing, nothing will happen!

Testimony of Justin Miller;

“I was thinking of the prophet who said to God: he stays just me but God answer him no I still have 400. It also reminds me that Paul said one sow, the other water and another harvest . I was with Tim and he was talking to everyone. He was just like a machine gun, shooting with the Word of God. We have to realize that if we sow and someone water someone will reap. Fruit comes from God. I met a guy, Jacob and his girlfriend arrived and we talked about church, basically; “the Gospel”. We had good conversations and the Gospel was shared in power!

Testimony of Tim D’Hooge

It was impressive, but it was cold too, and very wet. It was cool to be with mads! We met a young group. One had a hurt and mocked, but I prayed for him and he didn’t feel pain anymore. Mads, told him the gospel in Danish. It was so good! Then we met the guy with his chair, mads prayed for him but this man was not receptive for the gospel. Tim came and prayed also for him. Still the man was not open for this Jesus stuff! Then the man said goodbye and walked away completely healed! Mads and Tim were impressed! The guy didn’t seem to notice it! With Justin we saw a homeless man, we talked about God but he didn’t understand because he spoke Slovak. We hugged him and showed him love. I prayed for him and he started to cry. We will try to come back with someone from our group who speaks his mother tongue. We had a lot of meetings. God was there!

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