Friday 25.01.19, The power of Jesus!

Friday we went in groups to the city to meet some open people (persons of peace) who were open to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I saw a young woman walking with a crutch so I asked her if she had pain in her legs. She said “yes”!  I said that I have been praying for people for about two years and have seen many being healed in Jesus name. Can I pray for you? She said “yes”.

I prayed for the first time but nothing happened. I showed her the a piece of the movie “The Last Reformation, The Beginning”  (minute 1.43- 2.45) and said that for most of the times the healing happens after more than one prayer. Can I pray again? She said: “yes”.  I prayed again and now the young woman was startled. She started to speak in Danish to her friends who looked surprised. I asked her if she still could feel pain, and she said. “No, no pain anymore”! The girl could now walk without the crutch; without pain! Hallelujah! Her friends looked very surprised!

I told her that it was Jesus who had healed her because I can not heal! Jesus had commanded us to heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel. This still works today so that’s what I do! I told her much more of the gospel, even asked her if she had time to sit down so I could show her the gospel with some cups but she said that she had to go quiet quickly. She thanked me and we said goodbye!

Jesus wants to save us all form sin. He wants us to have relationship with Him and He will give his disciples eternal life; that’s what it’s all about! Let’s show this world that Jesus is real! Jesus said: “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments, John 14:15!” Let’s obey our Master!


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