Sunday 27.01.19,Testimony time!

Sunday we went out again and when we were back we shared our experiences! We had an amazing time with many laughs, amazement and happiness about what God had done!

Here’s one funny testimony , sadly to say but it’s just the start of the 15 min. testimony because I do not have all on video!



I went out with Tobia and we had an amazing time together! We first met a guy from Africa who was very interested in what we had to tell so we sat down and explained him the gospel in “cups and cookies” style. He wanted to get baptised in the end of our conversation so we gave him our phone number and told him that he should contact us so we could make plans and make it happen. A nice start!

Than we met a youngster who was on his way to work but had some time left and wanted to know what we had to tell. This guy was a Christian and wanted to follow Jesus! He was baptised in water when he was 15 years but didn’t speak in tongues yet. I asked him if he wanted to speak in tongues. He said “yes”. So we baptised him in the Holy Spirit and after I prayed for him this guy spoke in new tongues. It was a bit mechanic in the beginning but after a while it was flowing. This guy was very happy and we encouraged him to practise his new language as much as he could and felt led too. We said goodbye and let the guy go to his work.

Later we met some youngsters where one of them had some pain. I asked him if I could pray for it and all his pain left after the first prayer. All the youngsters were amazed! I told them that Jesus was real. The guy who was just healed was now very open and I could explain  him more about the gospel. I gave him a card with some links and we left.
The Holy Spirit is in control and will direct his ways!


We had more good conversations and spoke about what the Jesus had done in our lives! We felt really connected being togehter on the streets and sharing the gospel! Like two soldiers feel connected having fought in the same war.

Happy we returned home!

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