Saturday 23.02.19, kickstart in Holland!

Saturday we went to Holland to attend a kickstart.

2 new believers (who got just baptised) asked me and my friend to kickstart them.

We went in the city and went to a bakery. A young couple was sitting before us. I asked the muslim guy (23y?) if he had any pain. This young man was very surprised but pointed to his girlfriend so I asked his girlfriend is she had pain. The girlfriend was laughing and said that she had “womanly issues”. I nodded and asked if I could pray for it. She laughed but said “yes”. After my short prayer she started to laugh even lauder but quickly stopped laughing and said now in amazement to her boyfriend. “Seriously it doesn’t hurt anymore”. Her boyfriend said: “Really”? The girlfriend, “Yeah, really! No jokes!”.

I explained them the gospel with the gospel cards and they were now listening with full attention.

The woman I kick-started was very bold and asked the lady at the counter if she had any pain. She had pain and when she was prayed for by this new disciple of Christ who had just been baptised her pain left her!

At last we had a very good conversation about faith with a Dutch family. They didn’t believe but were very interested. All the four of us were all talking to someone for about a half an hour. Hallelujah! The gospel has been shared again!

This is what Jesus has commanded all his disciples: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons! Freely you have received freely give”! Matt. 10:8 This is our mission!

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