Monday 25.02.19, The power of God in Kortemark (Belgium)!

Amazing day in Kortemark 🇧🇪 💥

Today we went out on the streets to kickstart Andy and it was sooo awesome.

We parked on the train station and prayed for visions and words of knowledge before going out. David saw a picture of a young man in a black jacket and glasses riding a bike looking at me. I saw a blond girl with a pony tail wearing glasses.

We met many open people, mostly teenagers coming back from school, ia. the blond girl from the vision who was very open and interested.

Andy prayed for an older woman (catholic) who got completely healed from a pain in the shoulder and heard the message about the necessity of full baptism.

At the end of the day, back on the train station we shared the gospel and testimonies with a group of teenagers,

they were shocked and touched deeply by the Holy Spirit. They all prayed with us for the repentance and forgiveness of sins. While hearing the gospel (part about sin), one of the girls said that something strange is happening inside of her. I prayed for her and she felt something left her body. “Waaaw, this is weird!” The other girl also experienced freedom after the prayer. David prayed with the boy for freedom from emotional pain and he also said that after the prayer he felt like some heaviness was taken off his shoulders. We exchanged numbers and encouraged them to download the Bible app and start reading. Later some of their friends came and started making fun of Jesus, but the guys we prayed with started silencing them, telling them this is serious stuff… This was sooo amazing!

And when we left the train station, guess who we saw…
… A young man in a black jacket and glasses riding a bike looking at us!

Thank you Jesus!

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