Tuesday 26.02.19, Disciplelife continues in Kortemark (Belgium)

Day 2 in Kortemark!

David sat down and played with his guitar for the people outside the church! Andy and I firstly prayed for a teenager with pain who was sitting on a bench close by! I prayed for his tow, Andy for the throat pain. All his pain left him. He said that his friend (who was also in pain) would come at 18.00. I gave him my number and said to call me when he arrived, but they never called back 😦

An older woman got healed from a cold and I could share the gospel with her (gospel cards)! I could even pray with her for receiving the Holy Spirit.

We spoke with many people and Andy who lives here gave his contacts quite often!

We ended the evening with a good conversation with some teenagers who called us to come to them.

David could shared the gospel cards with a youngster who eventually said that he found it hard to believe it. David asked if he could pray for him and prayed that he would encounter the Holy Spirit. At that point the youngster said: “waaaw” and went two steps back and said that he felled heat in his stomach. This youngster started to ask deeper questions now.

We pray that the Holy Spirit would work in there hearts and continue to nourish the seeds that we have planted!

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