Thursday 28.02.19, Dawid Szlachwtka “Persevere”

This is the story of my brother Dawid!

“Today we had an amazing trip to beautiful Brugge. Although weather was not favourable, we had many fruitful conversations, people got healed and heard the full Gospel!

However, the whole day I was struggling with discouragement. I felt heaviness, my nose was running and I almost resigned from joining Tim and Andy for the trip. On the streets I completely didn’t feel like talking to people. Holy Spirit was showing me people but I didn’t feel like approaching them. Then I suddenly heard a very clear voice saying: “You are disobedient”. It struck my and I realized this was true. I allowed my emotions and body to dictate whether I should reach people or not.

We were on the train station and I started overcoming these feelings. There was a group of 6-7 teenagers Holy Spirit showed me very clearly. Approaching them felt like speeding the last 100m of a marathon.

Long story short we preached the gospel to them with boldness and prayed with them, one girl got completely healed from the knees pain and almost all of them got touched by the Holy Spirit. During the prayer one boy felt like a warm hand laid on his shoulder, he was really amazed. At one point I started to preach very loud (Tim was translating), so everyone around could hear us. Police was nearby but they didn’t react. We’ve seen that those kids were really touched by what they have seen and heard, especially one boy who 2 weeks ago got beaten and bullied on this station.

It was an amazing time. Don’t act on discouragement, step out of comfort zone, persevere and be obedient to the Holy Spirit!

Its really worth it!”

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