Thursday 28.02.19, Teenagers get a touch of the Holy Spirit!

What an amazing day! This is my story:


These guys were just amazing!  Our host wanted to take us for an outreach to Brugge! When we came to the station there were different groups of youth! We asked one of them if they had any pain and shared why we asked this.

One girl get healed in her leg, another girl didn’t experience  anything. … my friend asked God what the problem was and he got to think on emotional pain. When addressing the issue she opened up and get touched by the Holy Spirit when my friend prayed for her.

We saw that the Holy Spirit was doing all the work, so why not ask Holy Spirit to touch more of them? We asked different teens in the group who had no pain if we could pray that God would touch them. When we prayed for the first one (partially in tongues: language of the Holy Spirit) he freaked out and shouted that he had felt somebody putting a hand on his shoulder! It surely wasn’t us because we had put our hands on his arm and were praying for him while he was watching us. Some we prayed for get a touch on the back. Another I prayed for felt a tingeling  on his left hand while I hold his right hand. When telling him this fact he said in amazement: “Yes, I know” (his eyes wide open!)

It was an amazing time! The Holy Spirit was present and touching everyone! We were as amazed as they were because this was also new for us, but we felt led by the spirit to do this so we just obeyed the soft voice! Waaaw! What an experience!


The guy with his yellow jacket get healed and was an open door to proceed our conversation about Jesus to the whole group! Not everyone was as interested, but gospel was shared and some did listen very carefully!

The day had actually started in a more gloomy way! Cold weather, grey clouds and a little bit of rain. When we were walking in a park I met two girl were one of them had a head ache. I could pray for her and after three prayers all her pain was gone. She became definitely interested to hear more so I told her about Jesus who had come to take away our sin so we could have a relationship with Him. I said that God was real and asked her if she wanted to be touched by the Holy Spirit. She said “yes” so I lead her into a prayer and she felt “a heath” come into her stomach. I told her that this was the Holy Spirit who wanted to show himself to her. It certainly did something in the girls heart.
After 15 minutes they had to go so I gave them my contact card with some links and wished them a good day! Happy they proceeded there way!

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