Friday 01.03.19, Spending some time with the parents of our host!

Today we took our time to visit some of the family of our host!

The parents of Andy (our host) were very kind. We had a good chat and asked them if we could also pray for them.

His mother had problems with her immunity system and didn’t receive the gift of speaking in tongues yet. We prayed for her and Andy (her son) saw her speaking in tongues, or at least trying to let it out. When you have always heard that this (speaking of tongues) is from the Satan it can be quiet hard to trust and start to speak.

We continued and commanded her body to be healed. I asked her if she could feel something and she said that her whole body suddenly had become very warm! Hallellujah! 😀

When we prayed for Andy’s father who had problems with liver, he said to feel a tingeling in his hand 😀 I hear these symptoms (tingeling and heath) from a lot of people who got healed so this sounds very hopeful!

I’ll let you know when I hear back from them 😀

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