Monday 11.03.19, God is in control!

Monday there was again a kickstart (learn how- or help with going on the street and sharing the gospel). Every one of the kick starters took one PTS-student with them and went on the streets!

I went with Alexandra from Romania. Alexandra had already prayed for people to be healed in Romania but still wanted to become more bold in stepping out! So here we went!

We didn’t meet a lot of people on the street but saw some people around the Catholic church. We could pray for an older lady with back pain that left immediately after the first prayer. The lady spoke only Danish. The language barrier prevented us to share the gospel to her in her mother tongue so we gave her a card with some links to the TLR website where she could see some testimony videos in Danish!

We met some rejections on the road but that’s part off our call in sharing the gospel!

Then we went to a parking lot and met one more lady who was healed by one simple prayer but we had to wait to the last encounter to see how God was in control and how He lead the right people to us! These last two guys we spoke with were also from Romania just like Alexandra. Now she could share the gospel in Romanian with these two guys who were really interested and were seemingly touched by the words Alexandra spoke to them!

This is what we are called to, to GO into the world and preach the Gospel with all of creation! 😀 (Mark 16:14)

Happy we returned home!

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