Saturday 23.03.19, Disciple Day!

Yesterday we held a kind of a small kickstart at the home of our host in Sweden.

In the morning we gave three teachings, 1. Christian/Disciple, 2. Luke 10, and 3. Healing

At 12.30 we went in groups to a big shopping mall for those who wanted to be kickstarted or just to have some more experience with healing on the street.

Three encounters will stay in mind:

1. A women from Taiwan had pain in her leg and Anita (the girl I kickstarted) prayed two times and all her pain left! Anita was super happy!

2. We went together to a group of teenagers and I shared why we did these things (Jesus has commanded us to heal the sick, healing is an amazing tool to share the gospel). No one had pain! So when another group of youngsters showed up I asked them if someone had pain so I could show the power of God to the teens to whom I just shared the gospel with.The tallest guy said that someone had put his hands on his head (because he had a head ache) but nothing had happened. Some teens were a bit laughing with the way he said it. Boldness came over me and I asked him, “well, give me your hand!” He gave me his hand and I commanded the head ache to leave. The guy was a bit surprised and said that it was definitely better. I asked again his hand and did the same. Now all his pain left. A lot of the teens were amazed. I continued with sharing some gospel to the guy who was just healed until I had shared with him everything I wanted him to know.

3. Another cool happening was that when we met some teens who were Lutherans and had gone to a camp Anita could pray for one of the girls who had some pain in her leg. All her pain left after one prayer. The girl was amazed. I explained her that Jesus had commanded us to heal the sick and asked her if she was already baptised in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. She said “no” so I prayed for her to receive the Holy Spirit when she had said to me that she wanted this. I prayed and spoke in tongues, it didn’t take a long time until the girl followed me and spoke also in tongues. It was beautiful and I recognised her tongue language. Hallelujah! I encouraged the girl to practise this much more at home and happily we said goodbye to each other.

When we drove home we had two guys joining us who wanted to be with us during the evening teaching. Their friend was thinking to be baptised but wanted to go home and think about everything he had heard from one of our teams before he took such an important decision.

My wife took the fourth teaching about “baptism” for her and Leo had the last teaching “The four grounds”.

We concluded the evening at 18h05 just as scheduled and told the people who wanted to stay that they could join us in a small evening meal. We had some more fellowship and prayed for the people who wanted more prayer.

Nobody wanted to be baptised but some were pretty close to make that decision now.

One super good lesson for each one of our team was that we all saw that we all can do a mini kickstart at our home when we all will return to the place we live!

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