Sunday 24.03.19, going to the ‘hood (bergsjön)!

We were warned by our host for the violent people we could meet at the ‘hood. The most dangerous would be the muslims from Somali without any hope. They are not afraid to use knives, machetes and petrol. Not that we need to be afraid but just an extra motivation to use wisdom!

So on Sunday we went to help Martin (a Messianic Jew) to spread the gospel in his neighbour hood. Bergsjön. One of the dangerous places in Sweden.

After splitting up in teams we all reached out to people in the shopping mall.

I went together with Oliver. Someone who had a lot of motivation and energy to spread the Gospel but wasn’t so familiar yet to spread the gospel accompanied with wonders and signs! He had been to a kickstart in London where he had prayed for someone who got healed but he still wanted lots of practise. So I went with him. Faith is like a muscle, it only grows by using it! So here we went, searching for people with pain that God could heal through our hands.

1. The first guy got healed in his feet by Oliver’ prayer. He didn’t want to be on the picture but his friend had no problem with this! The small group of teens were Christian and some muslim. They were friends who liked each others company. Only one of them had pain so I asked the other Christians if they had been baptised in the Holy Spirit already. I was allowed to pray for two Christian believers to get a touch of the Holy Spirit.

The first one looked really surprised when I prayed so I asked him what he felt. He said that he felt someone giving him a push when I asked the Holy Spirit to touch this young guy. The other one said that that he felt hotness over his whole body when asking the Holy Spirit to touch him.We talked a bit more but they didn’t seem very interested so I left them after a while.

This really works! We can baptise people with the Holy Spirit and help them speak for the first time in tongues. (Experienced in Sweden when praying for a girl to speak for the first time in tongues). Or just get a touch of the Holy Spirit. An experience I had when I was in Belgium praying for some youngsters to get a touch of the Holy Spirit.

Oliver & I were a good team. He spoke Swedish so he could speak in his mother tongue when the people didn’t spoke any English.

After a while I went to assist Martin. Martin had some good conversations with Muslims to whom he gave a flyer with some information about the Torah. He said to call him if they had more questions about it. He has an app for free called ” YeshuaApp ” were he answers a lot of questions. An amazing tool, especially for Muslims who are seeking the Truth!

Funny to hear that Rebecca, the older lady from the other group, had prayed for a guy with a lot of ache in his jaws. (It was just operated). After two short prayers all his pain was gone. The youngster was so happy he gave Rebecca a kiss and bought her a juice 😀 Haha, so cool!

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