Tuesday 26.03.19, Kickstarting Markus & Sofia

On Tuesday I went to a shopping mall called Frölunda Torg in Gothenburg to kickstart Markus and his girlfriend Sofia.

Because Jon had promoted our visit to Sweden we had some persons contacting us with different questions. Markus was one of them. He and his girlfriend wanted to see the power of God working through their hands.

When I kickstart people I first want to show them an example! So when we arrived at the shopping mall I went to an Indian looking man. He said that he had back pain. I prayed a few times and he said that his pain went clearly down. He didn’t want to say at first if all his pain was gone (although I asked) but after my fourth prayer he said that he had no pain anymore!

Marcus prayed for an older guy. After his first prayer his pain became much better but he didn’t want any more prayer. Sadly to say but this is quiet common that people just want one prayer, even though the prayer takes just 5 seconds. A pity, Jesus would have healed him totally! 


Then Anita joined our group so we split in two.

Anita first went with Sofia and I went together with Markus, later on we switched! It is amazing when you have at least 2 kick starters so you can learn from different approaches and see what fits you best 🙂

I first went with Markus to a group of teenagers. The teenagers were in a big group and it was hard to talk to them. Markus & I  prayed for 2 or 3 who got healed. Because of group pressure they where not able to have a decent conversation about Jesus. After ten minutes we left them.

Then we met the other team of Anita&Sofia and decided to switch!

Markus&Anita had a very good conversation with a lady while we approached two girls with a lot of pain in their eyes!

Sofia prayed for them and both got shocked when they realised that all their pain was gone! Yaaay! Jesus!!


The last conversation we had with a girl was a very good one! She had no pain but listened very interested. Sofia saw that she got touched by the Holy Spirit! We gave her a card with my contact info and many links and encouraged her to look to some! She said that she would surely look!

The day was a success!


Sofia: “I didn’t know it was so easy to show the power of God”!

Markus: We had an amazing conversation from more than 30 minutes with a lady, that was awesome


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