Wednesday 27.03.19, Speaking in tongues for the first time: what a joy!

I met Markus and Sofia yesterday for the first time to take them out on the streets and show them how to pray for the sick. When we shared our testimonies yesterday before going on the streets, we heard that Sofia would also want to be able to speak in tongues: she had had an experience of God and wasn’t sure if she was filled with the Holy Spirit, but at least she didn’t speak in tongues yet. We met again today to pray for that and to talk about, why being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues is so important.

We first ate lunch together at our host’s home and shared more about our lives, church backgrounds, Bible etc. After eating and after our baby fell asleep for a nap, we sat down in the living room. My wife read some Bible verses and we told testimonies about speaking in tongues and answered her questions. Sofia has a background in 7 day adventist church, so even if she wanted to speak in tongues she also had some concerns.

How my wife, Anni, experienced it:

“I hadn’t myself prayed for anyone to receive the Holy Spirit or to start speak in tongues, though I had helped with praying for it once. It really have been my wish to experience that: praying for someone to receive the tongues was one of my main goals for this Luke 10 School. God is so good! 😀

Even if I was a bit nervous, I asked if I could take the lead in praying for Sofia. I explained that there is no magic form, but it’s good that she herself prays to God that she believes in Him, she repents from anything that’s not God’s will, she asks Him to fill her with His Holy Spirit and to be able to speak in tongues. She agreed with all this, but preferred to pray these things after me. We also told, that after praying this, we will speak in tongues while she should also try to speak in tongues without fear. God will give good gifts for us when we ask for them.

It all went so smoothly and easy! After praying the short sentences after me (“I believe in you. I repent from anything that is against your will God…”) I encouraged Sofia to speak in tongues while we also spoke in tongues. I saw her trying, so I prayed courage for her and said that we’ll pray louder. Soon she spoke fluently and her whole face was shining from Joy! 😀 There was no question about it: she was speaking in tongues! We shortly praised God for what he had done both yesterday and today and that he’ll continue leading Sofia. Very soon after that the baby woke up and we thanked God that he had slept long enough for us to finish 😀 After some talking Sofia said in a side sentence that she hopes that she’ll be able to speak in tongues again, so she, Markus & I prayed for a moment in tongues and she had the same easy tongues with a joy on her face.

After this they still left with Tim to go on the streets to practise what they had learned yesterday.”

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