Wednesday 27.03.’19, Let’s go!

Having just received the gift of tongues, Sofia&Markus were excited to go again to Förlunda Torg and to share the gospel! Having said this, this is actually very Biblical!

“But the Holy Spirit will come to you. Then you will receive power. You will be my witnesses—in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, in Samaria, and in every part of the world.”

The Acts 1:8 ICB

Three meetings!

1. First we met two women (around 30y.) who were Catholic. They had no pain but seemed open to me. I asked them if they wanted to get a touch of the Holy Spirit but this time it didn’t seem to work! I told them to repeat me, but no! Nothing helped. They said to feel no change. We moved on.

2. We met some youngsters (four teenage girls). When asking if they had any pain and explaining them them that we wanted to pray they said to be believers themselve. They were Lutherans so I asked them when they were baptises. Only one of them was not baptised as a baby. I explained them that that was not the right baptism and asked them of I could show them the story from bible in an easy way. They agreed. I showed the gospel cards to them and when I came to the end, you know, when you lay down four cards with four persons

a. Person living in sin, no repentance! Heart of stone!

b. Person who has repented and has a fleshy heart!

c. Person who has repented/got a fleshy heart and is baptised!

d. Person who has repented/got a fleshy heart, is baptised and got the Holy Spirit!

I said, “where are you now? And where do you want to be?”

One girl where Sofia had prayed for (because she had pain in her feet) got healed. She said that she was the second person (b.) and wanted to be person d. I told her that I could help her with it but then a guard came and told me to stop with it or go outside.

Very sad that they had found me! But when I looked to her (I had to turn) I suddenly saw that there was a little crowd watching and listening to what I said! Waaaaw! Amazing!

I told the girls that we could talk more outside but they had to go!

3. Then when we went outside and we saw two young women sitting on a bench. We started a conversation with them. One of them looked a bit like a person who likes “folk” music. You know what I mean? She had some neck pain and after Markus & me prayed for her she got totally healed. She did had a problem with admitting it! In the end she said. “You know, people who strongly believe in this stuff, for them it just works”. I asked her again, “so, you had pain (7 on a scale to 10) and now it’s gone”. “Euh, yes, but …”

Then we spoke with the other lady who once believed but not anymore! She said to have no pain but asked us if we could pray for her father with back pain and stomach pain. We took each others hands, the two women were included and we prayed out loud. After the three of us had prayed the young woman started to pray in German the Lords prayer herself! Waaaw! Her face was radiant. We said goodbye and you clearly could see how much this had touched them, especially the one asking for prayer! I pray that God will keep on sending people to her who will help her receiving and following Jesus!


“I would say that it was very nice to see how people were interested and drawn to Tim’s presentation of the gospel, and that it was amazing that by getting asked to leave it made an opportunity to talk to two very sceptical (at first) girls and that we were able to pray together which gave them a really good impression and experience. It was really nice to see the holy spirit working in our meeting and that they were so thankful in the end.”


“I thought that it was really good to see the interest people had today. We got some attention from curious spectators as well as the people that we talked with. I think that everyone we talked with saw that we were reaching out because we genuinely cared about them. We saw some people get healed today witch is awesome! But we also saw the gospel well received with those we talked to. Witch is just as awesome!

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