Thursday, 28.03.’19, The Holy Spirit saw the need!

On Thursday I made an appointment to meet with Erik! We spoke about a lot and we found out that he has not been baptised properly, even though some would say that he has already been baptised for 3 – times. (Sprinkling baptism, baptism by himself and baptism without proper repentance). Tomorrow, we’ll go to his place and see what we can do for him!

Then we went out to share the gospel in power!

1. First showing an example:

This guy was a believer but baptised as a child. He said to have back pain. First I grew out his leg, and let him test. All pain was gone! He and his friend were amazed! Then I spoke more about the necessity to be baptised on his own faith, I told about the difference of being a “Christian/ or disciple”.

Later on, I went with Erik for some minutes out of the mall to the nearby church. There was an older man where Erik prayed for! The man felt very happy and relieved!

Then we went back to the mall were we met Sofia. Together we searched people with pain where we could pray for. Sofia & I spoke with a woman&her daughter who just came out of a small shop.

The woman her legs were a bit stiff and hurting so Sofia prayed for her. The stiffness didn’t go immediately but her daughter said in amazement that she was healed and could now put her feet down without any pain. (it had been hurting for more then a week already!). We all were a bit shocked! We didn’t even know this! A proof for us that the Holy Spirit was present and healing what needed to be healed!

We shared the gospel with them and they said they were also believers and had gone to a Hillsong church in the past! The woman was just baptised but her daughter was still baby baptised! We stressed that that was not a real baptism and she still needed to be baptised on her own faith if she wanted to follow Jesus!

Waaaw, God is good!

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