Saturday 30.03.19, Gospel shared and somebody healed on the ferry!

Before we left our host we prayed for Anita to receive the Holy Spirit. It didn’t take too long before she started with speaking in tongues. Starting with some cyllables and by encouraging her to continue she became more and more used to her tongue language and more bold to speak it out!


It had become time to leave Sweden and go back to Denmark. Our hosts brought us to the Ferry and said goodbye! David&Lotta were really amazing hosts who where very active disciples, focused on discipling disciples. We genuinely love them!


On the ferry I bought a coffee and was allowed to pray for the cashier. She had back pain. I commanded her legs to be even and spoke healing over her back. All her pain went away and she asked me if I could also pray for her boyfriend to come over from Germany to Sweden without problems with the paper work. So I did! Her colleagues were observing us and I’m sure she had a lot to talk about/testify to them! 🙂


Then I went with Tobia and Stephan searching for some people to share the gospel with! We had some good conversations but the lady with crutches didn’t get healed. She laughed a bit and said to be very happy with the love she felt. We do everything out of love and obedience. Jesus has said to heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the gospel so the least we should do is pray for the ones who are sick/have pain so God can heal them! In the end, we don’t heal anybody but we are all commanded to pray for the sick, cast out the demons and preach the gospel!

When we arrived back in Denmark we only had to go 2 more hours by car and we were back home!

Our mission trip to Sweden had been a success, these are our stories!

Saturday 23.03.19, Disciple Day!

Sunday 24.03.19, going to the ‘hood (bergsjön)!

Tuesday 26.03.19, Kickstarting Markus & Sofia

Wednesday 27.03.19, Speaking in tongues for the first time: what a joy!

Wednesday 27.03.’19, Let’s go!

Thursday, 28.03.’19, The Holy Spirit saw the need!

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