Saturday 04.05.19, Back in Forssa; 2 people got healed!

My wife wanted to go to a baby shower from a friend of hers. She and Elias would spend the night in Helsinki and only come back a day later. Hallelujah! Time for me to go on the street witnessing about Jesus. I really love to do this! In the “About” section of this blog you can read a bit more why I really like this so much!

I went to the small shopping mall Prisma. Did some grocery’s and went out.

There was a young guy& girl sitting on a bench. I asked if they had pain and the girl said she had pain in her eyes. One prayer and all her pain was gone. They both believed and went to (Lutheran) church but were still amazed that all her pain was gone!

I explained to them that Jesus wanted us to follow Him and to show this publicly by full immersion (Gr: baptizo) under water. This means that a sprinkling on a baby’s head is not a valid baptism!

They would check the links to the movies, etc. I gave them and they would send me a mail if they wanted to talk more about it! Now I left them.

When I went out of the shop I saw someone that I knew from the pentecostal church in Forssa. He had back pain. Now it took two prayers and all his pain was gone. He was already a believer and on the way to go to the shop so I wished him goodbye and maybe we would see each other back another time. Happely he proceeded his way 🙂

By meeting Markku I was again reminded on the fact that I need to put some effort in learning the Finnish language! Come on, let’s do this with Him!  😀

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