Monday 13.05.19 – Friday 17.05.19, Leaving Forssa!

God is in control! We feel that God is really taking care of us! God has closed the door in Forssa and opened a door in Hämeenlinna for us.

During our last week in Forssa I took a pause of “packing all our stuff” in boxes and I went on the streets to share the gospel. This might be one of the last times sharing gospel on the streets of Forssa, I was thinking. Thank you God for such a nice weather to end our time in Forssa!

I didn’t found open people just two youngsters (actually three, but he didn’t want to be on the picture).

They had no pain so praying for healing was not necessary but one of them was a Christian so I checked with him what he understood naming him to “be a Christian”. When I heard he was just baby baptised I explained him the gospel with the gospel cards and told him about the necessity of being baptised as an adult. He said he would write me an email when he was ready for it.

I went back home and thanked God for everything he had taught me in Forssa! Soon it would be time for a new beginning 🙂

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