Saturday 25.05.19, Going to share the gospel in Lahti with my new Belgian friend!

Finally found!

Jean Francois! A Belgian, married with a Finnish woman (just as I).

While my wife went to a baby party I found the opportunity to go and share the gospel with my Belgian brother in faith.

We met in Lahti and together we first eat a Belgian dish and shared our life with each other! What a nice man! It is wonderful to connect with someone who has the same (spiritual) DNA as you.

It was time to search for people who were open for the gospel. Here we went,


The first open person was a muslim. I was not allowed to touch her so I just pointed to her back (pain level 5/10) and commanded the pain to go.

Two prayer and all pain left. “How do you do this?” she asked. I told her that I didn’t do anything but that Jesus had healed her. She knew Jesus and respected him. Instead of fighting whether Jesus was God or mere man I showed her a link for muslims in Arabic. The prophets story – Arabic. She was very happy and thanked me. I was also happy for her and told her that she could thank Jesus 🙂



Then we met a young man who was a believer but not yet filled with the Spirit and didn’t spoke in tongues. I told him that Jesus had said: “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:11 NKJV). So if he wanted it he could trust Jesus that he would give it.

I lead him in prayer and then Jean Francois and I told him that we would speak in tongues and that he could follow us just by speaking out those words that came to mind. We said to him that it shouldn’t be a language that he already knew but that the Holy Spirit would give it to him for free.

(I have seen that it can help if others who never spoke in tongues first try to imitate someone who already speaks in tongues. Mostly it goes so quick that they can not follow the speed. But you have to encourage them to continue speaking once they have started. For some this really helps and is a help for making their tongue lose. Once their speaking God can take over, if and only if they don’t stop talking!).

When Francois and I spoke in tongues this young man followed us quiet quickly.

After we had prayed with three in tongues. He immediately started to confess some sins. Hallelujah! A sign that Holy Spirit was already at work with convicting of sin.

We had a coffee together and spoke about what we would do next. We exchanged some contacts and we would connect him with other brothers in faith from Lahti.


This couple was really open after the guy got healed from his back pain.

Now it was time to share the gospel!

By working with the Gospel Cards the guy saw that he needed to be baptised and filled with the spirit. We had an amazing conversation and his girlfriend said that she was already baptised, the guy said that he wanted to do everything that was needed to be the fourth person in the gospel cards (A person who has repented, is baptised in water and baptised in the spirit).I told him that I would connect him with other disciples living in Lahti and that I would try to connect them together. My friends could help this youngster to become fully born again if he was honest about it.

With a smile on our face we all said goodbye.

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