Tuesday 11.06.19, So you have no time to go on the streets?

“I want to, but I just have no time to go on the streets to share the gospel”. That’s what easily comes into my mind when I feel stuck with Elias or stuck with all the business that comes when you move to another city. But today I saw that you don’t need (extra) “free-time”, etc. You just need to live your life and be bold to ask people some questions!

So we are in the middle of our moving and need to go quiet a lot to the shops to buy stuff. Today we went with the three of us to do some groceries. We went through a really big shopping mall so we could avoid the sun. (My son is 7months and a half and can’t bear to much sun and hotness). We walked passed a lady with a crutch and I was a bit bored and to be honest “I wanted to see some action” : ) I stopped, went back and asked the lady is she had any pain in her leg. She said “yes” and she allowed me to pray for her. So I did and asked her immediately how she felt. She tried to walk and said that her leg felt warm. I wanted to continue but then her friend came and we let her go. I had just the chance to say that it was Jesus who was healing her and I  could give her a contact card with some links and my email adress so she could later on (after her friend had left) still come in touch with God (guided by the Holy Spirit)!

Hallelujah! I was so happy!

We don’t need much to share our faith! We just have to ask people who seem to have hurt/pain if you can pray for them and let God do the work!

If it doesn’t work from the first prayer, pray again. Until you see that the people you pray for are starting to feel uncomfortable, then you better stop and move on to the next one.

Don’t feel pressured to do this, but this style works best for me and if Jesus said to his disciples in Math.28,18-20 that we should teach everything He taught His disciples, we know that we should go out, preach the gospel and heal the sick. (Luke 10:2-12)

O hallellujah! I love it!!

To be continued! ❤

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