Friday 14.06.19, Going out with the baby!

Friday, the start of the weekend and good weather. The perfect combo to go out and share Jesus… together with the baby!

My wife still needed to unpack things (since we just recently moved in to Hämeenlinna) so Elias & I could go together to the shopping mall. “Jesus, we’re on the go, please lead our way”!

Elias was quite happy all the time. I could talk to the people about the importance of Jesus’ life here on earth. I said: “We all deserve hell but Jesus took the punishment for our sin on him. You can die and come before God and still have to pay the punishment for your sin or you can believe what Jesus has done for you and because of that follow Him for the rest of your life.”

“We all have to make a decision in life who we want to follow. Do we live for ourselves, for what we want or do we follow Jesus and do we live to do His will. We all need to make that decision here on earth. When we die it will be too late for many, many people”.

We all need to be born again (John.3) -Repent & be baptised in water & with the Holy Spirit.

Our faith is only alive when we do what Jesus has told us (James 1:22).

Jesus has said to his disciples “heal the sick and preach the gospel to the whole creation”.

Later on I saw a woman, I told her “I’m a disciple of Jesus so, are you sick or do you have pain (spiritual or physical)? If so, I would like to pray for you”. She said she had no pain but was interested to talk. She said she had never been thinking about this.

I told her, “well, that’s why I’m here to tell you!” She said she would look to the link to the movie I gave her and I said goodbye.

There was a guy who was “advertising” for Unicef so I went to him and started a conversation. He was very happy to talk to me and we had a nice conversation. When I asked him if he had pain he told me he had pain in his hip. He had been going to the doctor for it but the doctor couldn’t help him. I asked him if I could pray for it and when I was allowed to pray I asked him how it felt after the prayer. The advertiser didn’t say anything at first but after encouraging him to tell something he said “I don’t know, maybe it’s you”. I pointed him to Jesus, shared some more gospel and gave him a card. I felt that it was time to go so I left.

In the shopping mall I met a guy who didn’t understand any English so I was obliged to speak in Finnish. He had no pain but would check the TLR-MOVIE. When he saw Elias he told me he also just had become a father. I congratulated him and we spoke a bit about our babies but because my Finnish is not yet that good it ended quite quickly.

Elias “told me” that it was time to go back home so we left and went back.

Hallelujah! It is really amazing to realise that eventhough you lose a lot of your freedom when you have children, you still can go on the street and go to shopping malls to share the gospel. At least if you’re ready to carry your 10kg baby with you 😛

Having a baby doesn’t take away all your freedom to evangelise. You just need to improvise more and catch the moment when it comes.

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