Monday 17.06.19, Grocery Evangelisation!

Everyone needs to do his groceries! Well, there’s a perfect place for you to share gospel!

Today I went with my wife to two grocery shops. The first shop we entered:

1. A Somali looking guy limped before me. When we both entered the shop I stopped him and asked if he had pain. He said yes and I could pray for him. His friends (25-40y) walked away when I asked what his level of pain was on a scale of 10.

(“Lesson to learn: don’t ask people their pain level when they don’t seem to be very open, or it doesn’t look like they have a lot of time”).

I saw that his friends went away so I quickly started to pray for him. After the prayer this guy thanked me a few times and said that it was better. He walked away “IN A NORMAL WAY” not anymore limping!. (There was a huge difference!) Hallelujah!

I didn’t have time to gave him my contact card but I told him it was Jesus who had healed him when he walked to his friends!

2. There was also a woman with her daughter who said to have pain but didn’t want me to pray for her because she had her “own belief” and could pray for herself. Her faith was “quiet complicated to explain it” (so she said). A pity!

3. When we were walking through a big shopping mall to get the milk we forgot I spoke to two youngsters when I had payed for the milk. They had no pain but were very open. When I was talking they’re two friends (guys from the Finnish army) joined them.

I wanted to tell them so much but decided not to make it to long so it wouldn’t look like I was preaching to them. I could show them all one minute of the documentary, the beginning (min. 1.45-2.45) and asked some short questions. Because nobody had pain I could not show them that it was no fake. Which was a pity! I told them to check the rest from the docu. at home. They agreed. We said goodbye and went all on our ways.

I was so happy that I had had at least some minutes to tell them some gospel. These youngsters had listened very attentive! My heart rejoiced.

I believe that God gave me an “evangelistic heart”. If you’re in the neighbourhood (Finland, Hämeenlinna) and you want to go with me on the streets/shopping malls to share the gospel, send me a mail or leave a comment and we’ll go together! I would surely appreciate and enjoy some company 😉

Experience has taught me that it can be very nice to go with others on the streets and learn from each other!

Be blessed in sharing your faith with others! ❤

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