Tuesday 25.06.l9, Arm got healed!

Our friend Tobia from Switzerland (who we get to know through the Luke 10 school) will stay two weeks with us, what a blessing ❤

Today we went to buy a loader for Tobia in a shop. My wife went to buy food and other stuff in different shops. I went with Tobia. Together we could search for open people to the gospel.

When Tobia bought the loader I asked the young seller if I could ask him a special question. I asked if he had pain and he said that his arm was hurting from playing tennis yesterday.

I prayed once and all his pain was gone! The seller was shocked! I asked him if he believed if Jesus was real and he said that he didn’t know. I told him “well now you know, because I can not heal but I pray in Jesus’ name and He heals!” The seller, still amazed that his pain had just vanished after the short prayer, said that he would surely check the links (I gave on my contact card) and we left.

Together we went around, had very good conversations with people and shared Jesus with them. To be continued! ❤

Some pictures:

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