Sunday 30.06.19, “This is Jesus!”

So yesterday we went to the streets and shopping malls to find some people with whom we could talk about Jesus.

Of course, I never start asking people if they want to talk about Jesus because then I/we wouldn’t be able to talk about Jesus in 99% of the cases.”I have a special question for you, do you have any physical pain at the moment” works quiet effectively and when the people say “no” (most of the time they will say “no”) I ask them: “have you ever seen people praying on the street for people with pain or sickness? What do you think about it?” Are very good questions to ask and to start a very good conversation about God with the people.

So yesterday we saw this young guy with his girl friend. I asked him my fav. Questions and he said to have a sore throat! When I prayed first and second time he felt no difference. Then I showed him what I was doing by showing him one minute of the movie “the beginning, from TLR” (minute 1.42-2.43). He said, oh cool! And I prayed again but now the result was different

Adi (the name of the guy) spoke now in Finnish to his girlfriend and said that he had no pain anymore. “Can you also pray for my finger”? His finger had gone in the chain of his motorbike when he got an accident with it and the top of his finger was ripped off and looked black. Tobia (my friend) prayed for it and although Adi could still feel pain when he pressed on it, now his finger had became hot. A sign that God was healing his finger, at least that’s what I have seen many times! You can read an older post where the same happened, “the woman in this post got healed from hypothyoridism”.

Tobia explained some more gospel to Adi and I sometimes added some things. We worked like a team 🙂

A team of disciples! Praying for the people and telling them that it is SIN that’s hindering them to get connected with God! We felt surrounded by compassion and urgency to tell all the people, who are searching for God or searching for something they don’t know yet, that it is Jesus and ONLY JESUS who can help them!

Ps: I really hope to get a message from Adi how he is doing now! It would be nice if I can help him to get to know God! Not tradition or a church culture! The real living God, Jesus is his name!

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