Wednesday 03.07.19, A youngster who said he cannot be healed got healed!

Today we met two people with pain who both got healed! We shared the living powerful risen Jesus with them!

The first guy who we met with pain said “yes, you can” when we asked if we could pray for him. Tobia prayed three times for his shoulder pain. After the first prayer his pain became less. After the second prayer his pain went again a bit down. But then he said that “it won’t get any better” because he has this pain for a very long time and takes strong pain killers for it. I asked him if he could still feel the pain and he said “yes, for sure”. I asked if Tobia could still pray for it and after the next (third) prayer this guy looked very surprised to me. “No pain anymore” he said. We explained that this was Jesus who lives in us who had healed him.

The guy had said in the beginning that he didn’t know if he believed in Jesus. Well, now he had a living proof that Jesus is still alive and is living in his disciples and using them. We explained a lot and in the end of our conversation we gave him a contact card with links.

The second youngster who felt Jesus’ healing power was a teenager. This teen with pain in his knee reacted so strong that all his friends became very interested what had happened with their friend. Two of them believed in Jesus already but were baptised as a baby. We explained why this baptism is not valid and these guys understood very quick that this baby baptism was not right. I gave some my contact card and told them they could contact me whenever they had questions about faith or wanted to come closer to God. I would be available to help them. Before I left I reminded them not to forget to look to the links and to contact me when they had questions.

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