Monday 8.07.19, Going on the streets with Miika&Janica!

We are so blessed having good friends visiting us just after Tobia left us!What a joy to spend time – and go on the streets together! 🙂

If anyone wants to know God better or go on the streets with us you are welcome to visit us! Just send me a message and we make a plan! 🙂

Today I went together with Miika to share the gospel in power! Anni went with Janica.

We had some good conversations with someone from Israel (Jaffa) and a women outside of the mall. We had to wait to show the power of God until we met these youngsters sitting on a bench. (See pic) The girl had pain in her throat and I could pray for her. After the first prayer notting changed but immediately after the second short command she said few times “No pain anymore”!

Time for sharing the gospel is what I was thinking but the peer pressure is very big for teenagers so the chance to really talk to her was quickly gone. I gave her my contact card and told her to check some links! At least now she had felt that Jesus was real and He had healed her. I told her friends what just happened, they said no word but just stared at me.

Not so much later we left to search the girls and hear their testimonies.

Sometimes you don’t see so much happening but people get touched by God and you can be the one God wants to use for that.

While Miika was talking today to an older woman that woman got tears in her eyes and was touched by Miika’s words!

Do we want to be used by God? Do we want to go out in the harvest field? Do we share Jesus’ power outside of the church buildings? If we follow our Master’s example we will be much more outside the church-/synagogue building showing God’s power than INside the building.

Let’s obey our Masters call:

Go out & Make disciples” (Math 28:19); “Heal the sick and preach the gospel” (Luke 10:1-24)

Blessings to all my brothers and sister in Christ Jesus! ❤

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