Thursday 11.07.19, Baptism of my former student!

Wednesday my wife & I went again to Belgium. One of my former students asked me to baptise him. He had seen the teaching about baptism of The Last Reformation and was ready to make the step. So on Thursday I went to pick him up on the station of Gent Sint Pieters. While waiting I saw someone with crutches so I approached him and asked if he felt pain. He gave me permission to pray for him and after the second prayer all his pain left him.

I could explain him some gospel but the guy said he believed also. He was baby baptised so I explained him the necessity of baptism on your own faith. He said he would check some links from the card I gave him and had to go.

I spoke with some other people at the station. One of them was Emanuel (see pic). He was also a follower of Jesus and we had a good very short conversation because his tram just arrived. Always nice to meet some other brother and sisters in the faith! 🙂

After this I went back into the station.

One drunk guy got healed in his feet and another also but before there would come some troubles one of them (who just before got healed) warned me and said it would be better for me to leave before they would all start fighting. Happy to be warned I left and went searching for Raf (my former student). When we found each other we went back to my parents home were my wife and our child was.


After a repentance talk I baptised Raf in the name of Jesus.

Raf’s brother who also follows Jesus wanted to see the baptism. He was on a travel in the USA. so he took part in the baptism through a video call. It was nice that Rafs brother prayed with us when we prayed for the Holy Spirit.

Raf started to speak in tongues and when we first prayed for freedom Raf felt some kind of tingeling. So we continued praying for freedom and after a while Raf felt a difference and said he felt totally free!

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