Friday 23.08.19, Going out(side) with the baby!

Today I gave my wife some “free-time” (=time without the baby) so she would be able to do something with her sister who was visiting us. I took Elias (my son of 10 months) and went to some shops to end up in an inside play yard.

While walking in the first shop I saw a young guy with crutches so I asked this young man if I could pray for him (he said that his leg who just had got some stiches felt painful). Three prayers and all his pain was gone!

I explained that Jesus had healed him and that he had commanded all his disciples to go out and do the same He did while being on this earth. I also asked who believed in Jesus, and at least one of them was quiet clear to say that he believed! I gave him my info card and told him to cheque the links and to contact me if he would like to talk more about it.

I left them while they were still happy and I rejoiced in the power Jesus had given us to heal all the people in His name! What an easy way to communicate the gospel! You don’t need to argue yourself “blue”, but you just give them a taste of who Jesus is! When they are touched and want to know more you sit down with them and explain the gospel in an easy way.

After this first shopping mall I went with Elias to an inside play yard. After a half an hour I wanted to go home but just then I saw a youngster (25y?) sitting alone on a bench so I decided to go to him. I asked him if he understood some English so the talking would be easier for me. He said to have pain in his feet; or hand (I don’t know exactely anymore). I told him that I pray for the sick and people who have pain and showed him a little piece of the TLR Movie “the Beginning”. (Min. 1.45-2.45) then I prayed for him, commanded all pain to leave and after the second command all his pain was gone.

This youngster was clearly surprised and we talked about the “how and why” I prayed for people. We shared each others phone number and decided to meet up at some point to talk more about this Jesus!

Great, this is what I’m looking for! People who dare to ask  questions. People who want to know what the truth is. People who want to sit down and talk more about it!
Jesus came so we could have life; life in abundance and we are sent out by Him to tell this world that we all need to be born again. Which means that we all need to REPENT, BE BAPTISED in WATER & IN SPIRIT, before we can inherit eternal life! Jesus is calling! Do you hear him? Don’t wait until it’s to late!!



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