Thursday 05.09.19, love for Jesus and people are my driving force!

Renee Erikson says:

Love is a driving force for a person’s decisions, motives, and purpose in life, as is evidenced by many stories told throughout history. It has caused happiness, joy, war, and deceit. Without love, one cannot function and thrive among their peers or humanity as a whole. Its absence can cause irreparable harm to thought processes and logic—or in Van Gogh’s case, make one crazed.

Well, it is exactly “love” for people that makes me go to the people and ask those weird questions (“Do you have any pain? Can I pray for it?). In this way I can show people who Jesus is. It is a very easy and practical way of evangelisation! And, it is the way Jesus commanded all his followers to show who He is to the world. (Read Lukas 10 & Matheüs 28:20).

Today I went to the shop together with Elias my son. In the second shop I met a man who’s wife had back pain (or something similar, I don’t really remember anymore). When she joined our conversation I prayed for her back pain and it took just one prayer and the pain left her. You could see that she didn’t expected this. Her husband asked me where I live and we shared phone numbers. I told them that Jesus had healed her because I can’t do this and I gave them my contact card 🙂

Both of us had to go. I have shown the power of God to them and I hope they’ll call me back so I can explain the gospel better to them 🙂

Just want to shout:


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