Sunday 08.09.19, “Well, you can pray for your friend!

Today as my wife and I needed to go to LIDL there happened something nice!

When we had payed our groceries I saw two teenagers standing in the corridor and went to them.

When I spoke with them and asked them the question if they believed one of them said, “I don’t know actually, while the other said very convincingly “yes (I believe)!. Then I asked if they had any physical pain and the one who didn’t believe showed me his brace. I asked him if he could feel pain and he said “yes, very much!”

I said to the first guy, “So you believe” he said again “Yes!”. Why don’t you pray for your friend. The guy looked first like he didn’t understand me so I told him that he could pray for his friend by laying his hand on his brace and saying “In Jesus name, all pain GO!”. He put his hand on his friends brace but didn’t know anymore what to say so the one with the brace said to him what he had to say. Once his friend did it the one with the brace was shocked and said; Who, it’s really much better! I said to his friend that he needed to pray again so he did! His friend helped him again to remember what he had to say and afterwards this guy with the brace said again totally amazed; I don’t feel the pain any more! I don’t feel the pain!! Looking to his brace!

I explained some gospel and we shared phone numbers. Jesus is calling everybody to repentance and to be born again. This is really important I told the guy. Baby baptism is not enough. A baby doesn’t know what happens. Baptism is like you would say to Jesus; “I want to follow you, even when it’s hard”! A baby can’t make that choice yet! I said: “You can come to my house and I can baptise you in my bathtub if you feel ready for it!” But you better first give me a call and we can sit together and I’ll tell you what it’s all about! Then you can still think for yourself what you want to do with it! There can’t be any pressure! But the chance to give your life to Jesus will be there and I want to help you with the first steps!

Jesus is saying “make disciples by baptising them and by teaching them to obey everything I commanded you”. The best way of learning is to take someone by the hand and by showing how to do it.

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