Friday 20.09.19, It’s about obedience!

Today my wife had to go to Helsinki because of her work. From 8am to 7pm my 10-month old son Elias was under my care.

My baby and I went to the shopping mall searching for the person of peace:

First we met somebody who recognised me from the time when we were living in Forssa. He said that I had met him in a shopping mall and had prayed for his pain which had vanished! Praise Jesus! 🙂 He was also a follower of Jesus and wished me good luck and many blessings! What a nice start 🙂

I went around and spoke with different people. Mostly young people but also an old lady. No one had pain so I could not show the power of God. But it was also a special day to me: while having a conversation with a young man from England it again really dawned to me that God is sending his disciples out to show people that He is still alive today. Giving people an invitation card to go to a church building on a special day is not effective way of evangelizing in most cases. Jesus never said, give people a card to visit your meeting. He said: “Go, heal the sick, preach the gospel and cast out demons!” The young man understood it and told me he would surely check the links I gave him. It was again nice to realise that I had been speaking truth not only to him but also to myself (:

Yes, we are the ones God wants to send out! We are the ones to tell the gospel to people who otherwise would never have the change to hear it!

I felt happy to be there 🙂

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