Monday 07.10.19, “how did you do this?”

This weekend we saw a documentary of “the exodus out of Islam” that is happening in Iran. People see the real face of Islam and are embracing the Messiah of the Jews. See it for yourselves! The documentary is called “Sheep among wolves 2

Still thinking about the documentary I decided to go to the shopping mall and search for a person of peace!

The first person I started to talk to had pain in her under leg. She described the pain as a 6 on a scale to ten so it was quiet bad. I prayed once and all the pain left her. The woman was really amazed. She looked at me and asked me “how did you do this”. I asked her, do you believe in Jesus? She said, “yes”, I said: “well, this was Jesus! Jesus has said that we (his disciples) will do the same things he did so this is why I do this and if you want to know how, I just put my hand on the sick and hurting and command the pain to leave that’s all!

She was baby baptised so I explained her that this was not a valid baptism. I told her to check some links I gave her on my contact card and I gave her my telephone number so she could contact me if she wanted any help from me or my wife!

I returned home fully energised!

When you feel your faith is dying it is time for you to step out and give to others what you have received for free!

Be blessed ❤

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